What is FileMaker?
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FileMaker is an application development software package which allows you to create custom software for your business. Applications developed with FileMaker are highly configurable and can be changed and updated on the fly. FileMaker allows you to build software around your specific business needs, and it has a very shallow learning curve. If you are generally good with computers, or have someone in your office who is they can learn to modify and maintain your software.

What Do We Do with FileMaker?
We build custom applications. We modify and upgrade current FileMaker implementations. We fix problems with you can't tackle in your in house developed solutions.

We Love a FileMaker Challenge
We love upgrading FileMaker solutions to add functionality and integration that you never thought was possible. Do you have a challenge? We would love to hear about it.
What is Workflow Optimization?
Ok, so here's the problem: Computers come along the in eighties and nineties and provide new and amazing functionality for businesses. We can now manage data and reports and people in ways that are irreplaceable. HOWEVER, this came at a price, and sometimes we don't even realize it. Since these software applications are general purpose tools designed to include as many companies as possible, they don't necessarily fit nicely into your current business functions. We are here to change that. We can speak computer, and we can tell your computer that it works for you, and not the other way around.
Workflow Optimization and Custom Software Development
Want to see this chart in FileMaker?
How do we do this?
We combine custom built, tailor made software with other resources which you already use to eliminate time consuming work-arounds. We provide you with a solution that only has the bells and whistles that you asked for.
What resources do we employ?
We use rapid application development tools and powerful databases to quickly provide you with a steamlined solution.
When you need a little help making your files.
Have you ever said...?
❝ It seems like spread sheets aren't the best solution for this...

❝ All I need is some software to do _____, not all this other junk!

❝ Every time I do this, I spend an hour copying and pasting!

Where do we work?



Amazon AWS
Where are we located?
We are located in Hopkins, Minnesota and serve clients in the Twin Cities area.
Who are we?

Carson Lind
Certified FileMaker Developer

Building off his experience in the medical device industry,
...but really just a guy dinking around with a computer.

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• carson@eagleopz.com